An economic, elegant, and useful product for professional photo albums: Photobook. What comes to mind when talking about photobook is to turn the photographs into a book. So, is this true? In fact, yes. If a photoshoot with many photographs is being talked about, Photobook is just for you. If you have a larger collection, you can prefer our Photobook product instead of a professional panoramic photo album. Goal-directed, practical, impressive, and different: Photobook has been designed for photo professionals.


We offer aesthetics and elegance at the same time by enriching Cotton, Suede, Nubuck and Silk / Flock Fabric materials with trendy color options.


Iconic laser name and date writing options on cover designs make Photobook products, such as photographs, personalized.


"Wıth Photobook the best memories are gathered together with a special design."



With Photobook, you can present your works that you have made serial shots for such as weddings, circumcision, engagement, henna or celebrations, special days, in accordance with its purpose, and present it to your customers with Photobook. We deliver you photos, which we print with digital offsets that have the highest color quality, by creating a memory book with integrity and freedom. All you have to do is to enjoy your shots and grow your business with ultimate customer satisfaction. You can prefer the Photobook album option also for your event shoots such as graduation, promotion, and launch, and for your collection works such as baby memory albums, nature-landscape thematic shots, as well.


As Cihan Digital, we prioritize your satisfaction and also the quality productions that you make for the people you do business with. For this, we keep both color and design options wide in our Photobook product. Depending on the nature of the business, you can customize the cover design and laser print on the cover and inside the album. You can spice up your presentation with different color and size options. Photobook, the prominent product of the new generation photography, will be indispensable for both you and your customers. You will always continue to get top-level service from our team, which is the pioneer of “Professional Photography” solutions.

If you are ready to make a bedside book for your customers, solution partners, and, of course, yourself, Photobook is waiting for you.


Photobook, which is produced with Lay-Flat Technology by Cihan Digital, is a unique product that you can offer to your costumers. So, what is Lay-Flat technology? Let’s have a closer look at the answer to this question. Lay-Flat means “lying flat, flat placement” in English and this expression also gives the technology its name. As can be understood from here, this technique allows the pages to be opened in a flat layout without creating curves, so that the entire page looks clean. In fact, the Lay-Flat technology is a new generation printing term. In this technique, the printed pages are glued from the bottom to the bottom and pieced together from a single line, so that all pages become flat.

Lay-Flat technology, developed in typography, has been practically adapted for the photo albums.  With this technology that provides a perfect page opening, we offer an uninterrupted visual by binding the prints in pages on hard and high-quality photo papers. Here, the Photobook, which we have produced for the professional photographers and photography store operators, is a product that turns your photos into pages, and pages into books. Thanks to Photobook, every pose, and every frame find its value.


The fluidity of the image and the size options that offer a visual pleasure as you look, appeal to every style.

21 x 60

21 x 42
28 x 56


In Lay-Flat Photobook printing, we use the products of paper photo paper brands that have environmental awareness and have proven their quality.

Glossy Cellophane Option, which we apply on digital offset printing, provides a shine that adds dimension to both your inner pages and photo cover options.

The Matte Cellophane Option, which we apply on digital offset printing, provides a magnificent image on both your inner pages and photo cover options.

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