What is a photo box? With the development of communication opportunities, people’s gift alternatives have also increased. And the photo box is one of them. The photo box, also known as the memory box, offers a design alternative to the classic album logic where the photos are exhibited. It is an old habit to store all photos, including photo albums, in a box. The new generation photo box, on the other hand, knocks at our door as an item that makes this habit more special and aesthetic and has a strong design aspect. We present 50 photographs together with their accessories with aesthetic designs. Using design and material knowledge, Cihan Digital helps you, our valuable professional photographer colleagues, to grow your portfolio by strengthening your hands with its aesthetic “memory box” photo box products. Here are our photo box models, one more stylish than the other.


The photos are presented with dazzling aesthetics with the plexi photo box, where the plexi providing the glass appearance forms the cover part. We make it a special souvenir by printing personalized writing on plexi. Offering both convenience and elegance with its slide-out cover, the plexi photo box is a nice alternative that you can recommend to your customers who want to create a souvenir with your shots. We deliver the photos in this product, which is completed with a two-part wooden box, by tying them with a stylish rope. In addition, we decorate the inside of the box decoratively according to your preference.


A meaningful gift for the value of special days, with photos of the most valuable moments..

You can offer our Memory BOX products as an alternative product to your customers as a gift product on special occasions.


We reflect the elegance of suede obtained by processing leather in the suede photo box. The suede photo box, which allows memories to be preserved with a special presentation with its integrated suede coating, can be produced in any color you want. The suede photo box, which we have personalized with laser writing on the cover, has a wooden case and two sections. Suede Memory Box, in which we place the photographs with decorative ornaments, is ready to take its place in your product portfolio as a different souvenir for your customers.


We have good news for retro fans. We have considered every detail for you, our valuable professional photographer solution partners, and added our Retro Box model among the most beautiful photo box designs. The retro-designed photo box, obtained by processing wooden materials, adds a new dynamism to your shots. The retro photo box, a model that increases the aesthetic depth with its retro style, will be irreplaceable for your customers who care about their style.


We have added a remarkable detail to our photo box product, which is one of the aesthetic alternatives that our professional photographer colleagues will offer to their customers. All of our “Memory Box” photo box products are offered to you with 16 and 32 GB capacity glass flash memory or wood-covered flash memory. Thus, the photographs take their place in the box aesthetically and romantically while the shots are delivered digitally. A stylishly decorated presentation of up to 50 photos, whether in plexi cover, suede-covered, or wooden and retro-designed photo boxes, is added to your product portfolio along with a special flash memory covered with glass or wood. With Cihan Digital photo accessory products, we continue to add depth and aesthetics to our colleagues’ works.


All of our Memory Box products have modern lines 16 and 32 gb. a glass flash memory in its capacity or a wood-coated flash memory is an accessory that fits perfectly with products, but allows you to keep your photos digitally recorded for many years.

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