We offer professional wedding albums to professional wedding photographers, professional photographers, and all our colleagues, who work in the field of photography, that will satisfy the need, enrich their presentations and create alternatives. You will differentiate your valuable collections that immortalize the most special moments with our professional wedding album options. ...
From cover designs to different material combinations, from panoramic album options to personalized designs, you will reach what passes through your mind, what you need, and more. We have blended our years of experience in the field of photography and our love for this profession with an innovative perspective, aesthetic touch, and technological possibilities for you. With Wedding Photography, we offer a wide selection by prioritizing the needs of all our colleagues working in the field of professional wedding photography.

We are aware of the changing demands with the development of communication technologies and we produce accordingly. We are on your side for a different bride - groom concept, thematic albums such as engagement, circumcision, henna and customized professional wedding album needs. We offer you our design and production experience in the field of photo albums with the most suitable options and alternatives.

With the panoramic album that was first produced in Turkey by Cihan Digital, we offer you high-quality and special design opportunities. While reflecting the unique texture of the materials to the album with our wood, leather, nubuck, silk-flock and plexi models, we are determined to turn each album into a photography exhibition with material combinations and wide range of colors.

We are passionately committed to photography, and as a team that makes a difference with advanced manufacturing technology, we provide services in all areas of professional wedding albums for Turkey from Izmir, and we love our job. Cihan Digital is enough for all your professional photo album requests.
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Photo Box

The art of photography and photography are not just about making great shots, preparing compositions and collages. How you present the photos is also very important, especially if your photo studio works as a professional store at the same time. As Cihan Digital, we offer a nice alternative to our photographer colleagues with our “Memory Box”, i.e. photo box, products. While immortalizing the unique moments with the most special perspectives, you can make a pleasant presentation to your customers and solution partners with our photo box options. ...
When it comes to souvenirs, photography surely comes to mind. We prepare our special design products for photo boxes that are in demand as Photobox or Memory Box. By processing the exclusive and eye-catching texture of wood with creative designs, we provide the opportunity to display the most special photographs with stylish pieces beside them. Use these photo boxes, types of which are prepared by Cihan Digital's industry experience, either in your own collection presentations or display them for your customers in your showcase. Sometimes it is more important how you present it than what you do. The remarkable photo box options are designed for you to make a difference in your business and profession.

You can prepare memorable shots such as wedding photos, baby memories, engagement, circumcision, henna photos, thematic landscape works, special day photos, etc. with these photo boxes specially for your customers. If you please, you can prepare presentation packages suitable for the photos you take by using your own creativity. If you are managing a photo store, you can also suggest photo boxes for your visitors' special occasion souvenir requests and increase your sales. As Cihan Digital, we continue to offer solutions to our colleagues in all fields of photography with our experienced team.
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We have developed our photobook product for those who are looking for a different presentation instead of a photo album. Photobook is designed as an alternative memory book to a professional photo album. While presenting many photographs together, you will find elegance, visuality and integrity thanks to Photobook. Photobook awaits you as a great alternative for a presentation that will be preserved for many years and displayed continuously. You can present your thematic shots to your customers, solution partners, or corporate collaborators with a photobook. ...
You can prefer our photobook product for event shots such as weddings, engagements, circumcisions, special outdoor works, promotional photos or professional photo presentations. You will exceed your expectations with the new generation photo album Photobook that allows a large number of photographs to be exhibited economically.

You can give a place to Photobook product, which has different color options, special design opportunities, and large capacity features, in your store as a souvenir. Photobook opens the door to your creative side in terms of the presentation of photographs. You can utilize the photos with a photobook, either according to the request from your customer or according to your own recommendation. Thanks to the book type format, it is also possible to turn especially the collective shots into a photonovel. Photobook is a groundbreaking product for customized collections with its cover design made of different materials, easy use and modern perspective.

By adding a photo book to your product portfolio, you can make a sound in the region you serve and make your professional profession more attractive. With Photobook, you can turn photo albums into a bedside book, and the rest is up to you.



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